Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma: Intergenerational Character Creation Workshop | #BuySingLit

Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma: Intergenerational Character Creation Workshop

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This programme is cancelled.
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City Link Mall, West Atrium @ Booktique’s Super Sing League


This event is cancelled.


Twelve-year-old Ash doesn’t have much to look forward to maths tests, a naggy Mum, and an Ah Ma who doesn’t know much about her. That is until she discovers something that changes her life: Ah Ma is a superhero! The best part is, Ash discovers she has superpowers too!

Life is so much more exciting as a superhero-in-training. However, Ash can’t help but notice that Ah Ma sometimes gets a little absent-minded while showing her the ropes. Amazing Ash and Superhero Ah Ma is a funny and heartwarming story about family and acceptance. Growing up and growing old is never easy—and all the more perplexing when secrets and superpowers are in the mix.

In this programme, comics writer Melanie Lee will guide kids and their parents, grandparents and guardians as they create characters, tell stories, and answer the question: “If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?”

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Difference Engine

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Difference Engine is inspired by stories from Asia. We are committed to publishing diverse, well-written and beautifully illustrated comics of all genres, both print and digital. We love to work with writers and illustrators, both new and experienced, to contribute to the growing Southeast Asian comics community. We are also interested in interactive comics, visual novels, and print characters that come to life with digital technology.